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Amazingly Versatile. Incredibly Useful.

Watch movies with your tablet positioned for comfort

Surf the web while you relax, hands-free!

Play with your kids without worrying about tablet damage

Exercise without tablet vibration

Provide hospital patients with entertainment

Eliminate neck strain when reading or watching movies

Perform on stage using electronic sheet music

Drift off to sleep without worrying about your tablet

Provide freedom and independence for the disabled

Cook knowing your tablet is safe from spills and falls

Deliver speeches using your tablet as a teleprompter

Practice your instrument with sheet music on your tablet

Enjoy your hobbies while you read or watch movies

Process credit card payments using your tablet

Enjoy your tablet from your wheelchair

Improve the Patient Experience

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Compatible With Virtually All Tablets And E-Readers
Compatible with most tablets and e-readers
The Universal SwingHolder© works with tablets measuring from 7.5” to 14.5” diagonally and up to 3/4” thick. It is compatible with the iPad Air, iPad Mini, and older iPads, Amazon Kindles, Barnes & Noble Nooks, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and Microsoft Surface Tablets.
Charge your tablet with the integrated USB cable
Stay Charged with Built-In Cable
Keep your tablet charged while it's in the Universal SwingHolder©. The integrated USB cable is included and is permanently installed inside the boom and stand. It allows you to charge your tablet with the cable and power adapter that came with your device. There are no dangling wires that are ugly and a trip hazard. (Compatible with USB chargers only.)
Cover on iPad being held by Universal SwingHolder©
Works with Covers, Cases and Sleeves
There is no need to remove the cover, case or sleeve from your tablet. The Universal SwingHolder© accommodates covers up to 3/4" thick.
Soft Rubber Fingers Protect Your Tablet
Protects Your Tablet
Soft rubberized fingers hold your tablet securely to keep it safe and to prevent scratches, yet make it easy to insert and remove. Ratcheting arms (patent pending) zip into place to keep your tablet from falling even when the SwingHolder© is shaken or jostled.
Shows how to insert your tablet into and remove your tablet from the Universal Head
Insert/Remove Quickly, Easily
Inserting and removing your tablet is fast and easy. Insert your tablet by squeezing the fingers onto the diagonal corners of your tablet. Remove your tablet with the push of a button.
Universal SwingHolder© Shown 45 degrees up, Flat and 45 degrees down
Infinitely Adjustable
The SwingHolder© provides nearly infinite viewing angles and positions; you can adjust your tablet to exactly where you need it. Roll from portrait mode to landscape mode by simply twisting the head. Pitch the tablet up or down up to 45 degrees. Adjust left or right up to 270 degrees for use on either the left or right side. No tools required! Just position it where you want it and let go.
Assembly steps for the Universal SwingHolder©
Assembles in Minutes
Assembling the SwingHolder© is fast and easy. Attach the felt feet to the base. Slide the integrated USB cable through the base. Slide the stand into the base. Attach the stand to the base with two screws. Tuck the integrated USB cable into place. Slide on the counterbalace and secure with a screw.
Universal SwingHolder© folding for storage
Folds for Storage
The boom folds for storage, requiring less than one square foot of floor space.
Swings into position
Swings Into Position
The boom swings in or away from you, so bedside use is easy and doesn't require you to get out of bed (patent pending).
Universal SwingHolder© secured for point of sale and kiosk applications
Secure for Point Of Sale and Kiosk Applications
The Universal SwingHolder© secures your tablet using the Kensington SecureBack Security Case (sold separately). Together, they are ideal for tablet-based point of sale and kiosk applications.

Infinitely Adjustable

The SwingHolder© allows you to position your tablet or e-reader exactly where you want it. And it's easier to position and has a greater range of motion than any other product on the market. Simply move your tablet to a comfortable position and let go; it will stay where you put it without the need to tighten knobs or adjust screws.

Animation showing the infinite adjustability of the SwingHolder©
Animation showing the infinite adjustability of the SwingHolder©
Animation showing the infinite adjustability of the SwingHolder©

Reviews and Testimonials

I knew, even before assembling the SwingHolder, that it promised to be the Rolls-Royce of iPad holders -- and I was right. Beautifully smooth in action (swivel and tilt), solid construction, made with attention to detail and a practical understanding of the purpose for which it was made. The previous two iPad holders that I purchased from other manufacturers; the first which attached to the headboard was flimsy and impractical, and the second, freestanding floor model with an adjustable, swan-neck holder was unsteady, kept toppling over, and its swivel mechanism was clunky and virtually unusable. Both a waste of money... I must also mention the excellent StandForStuff customer service -- it's exemplary! I live in the UK and they went out of their way to help with my inquiries and to ship the stand to me."
Roy P., Amazon Reviewer
TL Newswire Top 25 of 2012
My wife loves reading on the iPad because with her eyes, the vertical orientation and larger print allows her to read longer without fatigue (compared to a book). Due to her congenital eye muscle condition, a book or even an e-reader is best read in a very specific position. This stand does exactly that, without making her arms weary "holding it just so" like before. We also like how classy the stand looks... the grey-steel and black tones go with just about anything -- we have it in our bedroom which is natural wood furniture and floor, and it blends in just fine."
David B., Amazon Reviewer
...the swing arm is totally flexible and makes using an iPad much more comfortable than holding it or even using a table stand... I no longer worry about my young grandchildren, who love to play games and watch movies, dropping my ipad on the floor! This stand is easy for them to use and withstands their demands on its mobility... Would definitely recommend for any iPad user."
Nana, Amazon Reviewer
Excellent enhancement to my IPAD since I like surfing the net and streaming videos on Netflix before I go to sleep. Lie comfortably and place this in exact position needed with very little effort. Then, enjoy hands free, completely relaxed. When I'm beginning to fall asleep, a brush motion with my arm and it's out of the way. True, it is a little pricy, but well worth it. Excellent design and sturdy. Thumbs up!!"
Jocko, Amazon Reviewer
Wasn't too sure this is what I wanted, but I'm already addicted and don't know how I ever got along without it. Nice to be able to play games and not cramp up hanging on to it. I really enjoy being able to swing it to me and out of my way, and find I use the iPad a great deal more as it's there and ready to go. Thanks for a wonderful product."
Dolores, Amazon Reviewer
I bought this for fun and convenience in places like the kitchen, but later found it absolutely invaluable when recovering from shoulder surgery. I LOVE my stand, easily adjustable in all directions, stable, durable and a gem to have when you have to lie in bed or recline. One very minor issue with the ball joint ( after many months of ownership ) was resolved almost immediately with an email from the company. They even followed up with me to make sure the "fix" worked. You cannot go wrong with this product!”
Mary Beth, Amazon Reviewer
I overcame my original objection to the price of this stand after a week of research. The fact that convinced me was it's build quality. I had it in service 10 minutes after it arrived via Amazon's superb delivery service. It is truly a great piece of work. Attractive styling, strong, well-finished components and the pleasing satisfaction that comes with discovering that it does all that the builder promised. And then some.”
Martin Young, Amazon Reviewer
...The build quality is great - leaving no doubt that it will last. The base is weighted, so I never fear bumping it and having it tip over and damaging my iPad. The charging cable is wonderful because it allows me to leave my iPad in the stand and charge overnight... Most stands do not include this, so you'd either need remove from the stand to charge, or have a cable dangling from the iPad which would increase the risk of it being snagged on something and tipped over. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who uses the iPad for extended period or would just like to have the iPad available next to their work area without taking up desktop space for a traditional stand.”
K. Mikos, Amazon Reviewer
As an author I search continually for the best means of improving my iPad experience... During an exhaustive search for an adjustable floor stand, I was intrigued by the large variety available -- some simple and cheaply made, others elegant and very expensive. Each one was carefully researched and, if possible, actually tried out. Not one measured up to my needs and expectations, even the pricey ones that, despite ingenious design, were unacceptable for one reason or another (usually excessive vibration). This changed when the SwingHolder surfaced in my search... Wheeled next to my bed, it is adjustable to any angle, even overhead viewing of news, weather, reading and entertainment. Its superior design and vibration-damping, near-rigidity set it apart from every other floor stand I've found on the market. And as a free-standing, eye-level display of photos and images for others to enjoy, it's unequalled. The SwingHolder has become as important to me and my work as the iPad itself."
Bill Amos, Amazon Reviewer
I recently discovered the Stand for Stuff SwingHolder while visiting my grandmother, and I love it! I have affectionately nicknamed it the "Kindlestick," because I use it to support her Kindle while I read. It is versatile and easily positionable, making it simple for me to adjust it according to my position. It also allows me to do other things while I read, since my hands are free. (I ate a bowl of ice cream while reading THE BOOK THIEF.) Overall, it's an excellent product!
Sarah Horne, Age 14
...[the SwingHolder] snapped together in a few minutes, with just two screws to hold the vertical stand in a heavy plastic base. A key feature is the counterweight that holds the device steady but keeps it adjustable with light pressure... The tablet slips behind four rubberized grips that held my tablet in place through some aggressive wiggling."
Brier Dudley, Technology Columnist, Seattle Times
As a musician, I have been balancing my iPad 2 on table edges or hard to see places, and found turning pages with electronic sheet music a delicate process. With the SwingHolder, the music goes where I can see it best, and the page turning swipe is much easier than with old paper music."
V. Hicks, Amazon Reviewer
My son has cerebral palsy and he has been restricted to a wheelchair his whole life with very limited gross motor skills and needs assistance in all aspects of his day-to-day activities... The SwingHolder has given him a degree of independence he never had before; he can now use his iPad for longer periods of time since he doesn't have to hold it all the time. In addition after he is put to bed by his aids, he has the freedom to watch movies, read books, or play games. And when he is done, he just swings the stand out of the way without asking for any further assistance. We have just started to explore all the possible uses and additional freedoms that this gives us. This device has been a godsend for my son."
B. Epps, Amazon Reviewer
Best Tablet Stand Ever! The new universal head assembly for any size tablet is lighter than the previous version and locks firmly around any size tablet. They even lowered the price recently. The company provides the best service I have ever encountered. Any problem, no matter how small, is addressed immediately by their service department. Don't waste your money on other tablet stands. They are junk in comparison to this awesome product."
Michael Rosofsky, Amazon Reviewer
I recently bought both the regular-height SwingHolder stand for my iPad2 and the new tall SwingHolder stand for the same device. The tall SwingHolder is absolutely the best thing I've found for use with my treadmill. I had looked everywhere for a long time. Everything else was either too short or too flimsy or just didn't hold the iPad above the treadmill at the correct elevation and angle. And the regular SwingHolder for reading on my iPad while reclining in bed is just perfect. The arm extends out a lot farther than other products, plus it is sturdier and very well made. I would definitely recommend both products to anyone looking for a great way to use their iPad."
consumerinaz, Amazon Reviewer
This iPad stand is very high-quality. Extremely sturdy. I have bumped it several times and have no concerns with it tipping over or dropping my device from the connector. A brief chat with customer service was refreshingly professional. This company is confident in their product with good reason and willing to make sure you the customer are satisfied. This is the second iPad stand I have purchased. The first stand from another company had to be returned because it easily tipped over with its plastic legs. The Stand for Stuff SwingHolder has passed my bump test many times. It easily adjust to various positions. I truly love this stand and use it everyday. It has relieved my neck, arm and shoulder muscle stress and has reversed my poor posture. I rarely look at my iPad at home if it is not in this stand. Great product.”
CT in PA, Amazon Reviewer
I love this ipad stand and use it everyday! It's very versatile and adjusts to any level and stays put. I use it in the kitchen for recipes and again at night to read before bed. The latch is pretty secure and it fits the ipad 3 and 4 very snugly. I'm not worried about my ipad coming loose or dropping when in this stand. The customer service is one of the best! A few days ago, the stand became damaged in a move and I contacted them for a replacement part. I got a response in less than 2 days and they sent a replacement part in the mail free of charge with a video instruction for how to replace it. Amazing quality and customer service. Totally worth the price!”
Jamie P., Amazon Reviewer
Take my word for it. I've purchased several different stands. None compare to this one. The arms are longer than any other model. This one won't topple over, yet is light enough to easily move. An infinite amount of positions. You can type on this without it shaking. Quickly folds to be unobtrusive. Don't want to get too wordy so let me just say that after comparing this to the other stands I have, I just bought a second one. Now my wife has her own. Get this one. You won't be disappointed.”
RSM9222, Amazon Reviewer
...Like everyone else, I automatically tried to find alternative products due to the hefty price tag but I kept coming back to this one especially after finding the same product in other independent review websites, such as the top 5 ipad stands of 2013. I decided to go for it as I needed something ideal to hold the ipad for me in an awkward position while laying flat on my back on the floor using a special neck support that kind of makes my head hang upside-down for up to 20 minutes daily. I found myself using the ipad Ten-Fold since I got the stand a week ago! so much that I leave it in the stand 99% of the time now, it practically just tripled the value/function of the ipad. 5 Stars all around! The company also emailed us shortly after we got it informing us of their contact information and that they will gladly ship any replacement parts in the little chance that something on it breaks eventually which helps bolster my decision in purchasing this from them. You won't regret it!
Zahna Moss, Amazon Reviewer is a work of art and durable. Cannot imagine getting though the day without this stand."
Steve, Amazon Reviewer
6 months after purchase and Husband still says it is the best gift from me ever. That says a lot, since in the past I've bought him a rolex, a panerai, and a bmw. lol--for the man who has everything, this is great-great-great! His tired/sore shoulder from holding his ipad is all better now that he doesn't have to hold it!”
Joan Lacour, Amazon Reviewer

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