At Stand For Stuff® we “stand for stuff.” Our vision is to be the leading manufacturer of American-made floor stands for tablets and e-readers. Our mission is to “stand for stuff” by following these principles:

  • Design and build sturdy, high-quality products that will last a lifetime,
  • Provide superior customer service,
  • Use recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible,
  • Foster the personal and professional growth of our owner-employees, and
  • Improve the quality of life of our customers.

We back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a track record of providing exceptional customer service. The SwingHolder© was the winner of TechnoLawyer’s Top 25 innovations in 2012. We design our packaging to use recycled paperboard, eliminating the need for styrofoam while keeping our products secure during shipment. The plastic parts in the SwingHolder© are made with up to 50% recycled material.

How Stand For Stuff® Began


Founder and CEO Marty Springer was inspired to start Stand For Stuff® and create the SwingHolder© by his wife Liz Springer. Liz was having trouble holding her Kindle for long periods of time and lamented the fact that no product existed to safely hold her Kindle for her. Marty build a makeshift stand for her out of a microphone stand and little bit of creative engineering. With the prototype stand, Liz could read for hours without the pain. Marty and Liz decided to form a company, and Stand For Stuff® was born in 2010.

Swingholder prototype

After nearly two years of research and development, the iPad SwingHolder© was launched. Since then, the company has developed a line of products for virtually all tablets and e-book readers, resulting in the SwingHolder© family of floor stands, which are being used in homes, hospitals, and schools. The SwingHolder© has become a favorite among the physically challenged for increasing independence and connection with the world, as well as satisfying people who use it while watching movies or reading in bed, cooking, and exercising.

We are most proud of how we've helped people and improved their lives. For us, this company isn’t just about selling a product; it’s about bringing a product to people who can benefit from it. We are passionate about what we do, and our customers feel our passion. We’ve heard so many stories about this product making a difference for people and changing their lives. Keep those stories coming, and we’ll keep making great products!

Proudly Made in Seattle, Washington, USA


The SwingHolder© is proudly made in our factory in Seattle, Washington. (You can see the Space Needle from our parking lot.) If you happen to be in Seattle and you'd like a tour of our facility, please contact us to schedule a visit. We would love to show you the care and quality that goes into every SwingHolder© we build!